Movies-N-Moonlight, Year 10!

Movies-N-Moonlight, an outdoor film block!
Friday, May 10, 8:30–10 p.m.

Like all our film blocks, this one is free; but it’s also outside, and hopefully bathed in moonlight! Longleaf expands to Bicentennial Plaza—just outside the front doors of our home base, the North Carolina Museum of History—for this special screening!

Come for the afternoon and stay through the evening! Join us for two amazing film blocks on Friday afternoon at 3 and 5 p.m.; enjoy the reception to honor Longleaf 2024 Official Selection filmmakers and their supporters—and all friends of Longleaf; then, stick around for independent films* under the moon and stars.

Some seating will be provided, or you may bring your own! In case of inclement weather, films will be shown in Daniels Auditorium (maximum occupancy: 300 seats).


Let everyone know you’re coming to Longleaf!


Movies-N-Moonlight, Film Block C:  8:30 to 10 p.m.
Bicentennial Plaza, Outside Front Entrance

Some seating provided; or, bring your own! Johnnie Semerad: A Tree Once Grew Here (Animated Film, 7 minutes)
Captivating visuals, animation, and imagery combine to tell a tale that transcends language and reminds us that we must both nurture our planet and rebalance harmony—because we can no longer afford not to.
In case of inclement weather, Movies-N-Moonlight films, Film Block B, will be screened in Daniels Auditorium. Alex Petkus: Flipping the Bird (Narrative Short, 7 minutes)
Thomas joins a bird club only to discover it isn’t
a bird watching club; rather, the subject is a woman in
the woods—who’s pretending to be a bird.
Rachael Marie Silberman: D!NK (Narrative Short, 16 minutes)
Four pickleball super divas enter the ultimate pickleball competition, each determined to lay it all out on the “kitchen” line for a chance at victory.
Evan Kidd: Narrative Thread (Documentary Short, 3 minutes)
Kate Nartker, assistant professor in the Department of Textile and Apparel, Technology, and Management (TATM), Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University, weaves her magic, then animates it—to show a whole different side to textiles.
Nico Eagan, James Lee: Alphabet Soup
(Middle and High School Student Film, Narrative Short; 10 minutes)

A teenage boy journeys from apathy to empathy regarding his sister’s depression.
John Caudill: The Lobster Shift (Narrative Short, 18 minutes)
After working a long night shift, Angus, a lonely grocery store worker, finds an unlikely friend—a lobster.
David Baeumler: 60 Second Thoughts: Volume Three
(Narrative Short, 4 minutes)

The world’s most uncategorizable series of short films continues with a new collection of 60-second wonders.
Kiersten Houser: Hunger Pang (Narrative Short, 10 minutes)
A desperate and starving zombie woman finds a human baby; but her unlikely bond with the child poses a problem for her appetite.
Clara Hirata: Mila & Imran (Narrative Short, 8 minutes)
Two women, one German and the other Turkish, start out as competing street vendors, but they eventually find a way to work together—despite differences in their cultural backgrounds.

*Note: While these independent films are not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), most would fall within the PG-13 range.


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