Our History

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The North Carolina Museum of History initiated Longleaf Film Festival in 2015 as part of its celebration of the state’s 100-year history of filmmaking, which included a major exhibition, Starring North Carolina!. In its initial year, the free public festival surpassed all expectations in every way.


Longleaf Film Festival explores both historical and contemporary stories that are central to our understanding of how North Carolina fits into the world. We strive to help people recognize the connections between loving movies and loving history.

Follow these links to see how we’re growing:

Year One: 2015
Year Two: 2016
Year Three: 2017
Year Four: 2018
Year Five: 2019
Year Six: 2020
Year Seven: 2021
Year Eight: 2022
Year Nine: 2023

Plan now to be a part of year TEN: May 10–11, 2024!


Special Fund- and Awareness-Raising Events:

     Special Event: Best of Longleaf, 2015–2016, October 7, 2016
     Special Event: Asbury Shorts Film Concert, March 3, 2017
     Special Event: Before the Talkies, October 6, 2017
     Special Event: Screenings of two films: Super Mario Bros.,
          September 14, 2018, and Half the Picture, October 5, 2018
     Special Event: FilmExchange, October 2, 2020


Daniels Auditorium at the North Carolina Museum of History is the main screening area for Longleaf Film Festival.