Longleaf 2020: Official Selections

Due to COVID-19, the sixth annual Longleaf Film Festival, Longleaf 2020, became an online event that included a live-stream reveal of our 89 juried Official Selection films (scroll to see list) on Thursday, April 9. Click the image below to watch the announcement: Believe us: we are just as disappointed as you are (maybe more […]

Special Event: 2020 #AloneTogether Viewing Event!

  COVID-19 shut down the Museum of History through the end of May 2020, so the team at Longleaf Film Festival worked to create an opportunity for our film fans and film supporters to see some of our Official Selection films on our original festival dates—Friday, May 8, and Saturday, May 9. Films listed in […]

Longleaf 2019: Official Selections

      Click here for a general history of Longleaf 2019 . . . Click here for a list of Longleaf 2019 award winners . . . Click here to review some special events at Longleaf 2019 . . . Click here for a look at some photos from 2019 . . .   […]