About Longleaf Film Festival

A free-to-attend festival that highlights the best of independent film in a place that strives to tell the stories that connect us all—this is Longleaf. Our weekend festival screens films that demonstrate a Tar Heel State connection, through the people involved in making them, their filming location, or their subject.

The North Carolina Museum of History serves as home base for Longleaf Film Festival. Movies have been made in the Tar Heel state for more than 100 years, and the museum speaks to that intersection of historic traditions that continue today, making connections. The film community in the state, as well as those who train and film here, continue to create stories that engage and expand our conversation.

We were thrilled that Longleaf 2022 was IN-PERSON! It was wonderful to gather again, safely, at the museum to watch 68 terrific films, munch on popcorn, and talk with film friends. As we enter year nine in 2023, we look forward to growing festival attendance, while maintaining the community that has been with us since 2015. We strive to promote the art and craft of filmmaking and the passion of film to viewers in Raleigh, the Triangle, and beyond.

So, what’s next?

We launch Longleaf 2023 with a continued commitment to sharing impactful stories, including those about race and community. We strongly believe that the art and craft of filmmaking help connect us and offer avenues for insight, as well as entertainment. We want to share your stories—all of your stories: animated, documentary and narrative films, music videos, spoken word productions, and web series. And again, we will recognize the best films made by historically underrepresented filmmakers with support from caring people.

Longleaf Film Festival 2023 will be held Friday, May 12, and Saturday, May 13. With your help and support, we plan to help keep Longleaf THE capital city’s film festival. As a free-to-attend event, sponsorships help make Longleaf happen and can also work to make everyone feel welcome in this community—where we recognize that making films is making history.

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