About the Team


The Longleaf Film Festival team includes:

Sally Causey Bloom

Sally is a co-director for Longleaf Film Festival and believes in the power of independent film to make connections, generate reflection, entertain, and form community. Inspired by filmmakers and film fans, she looks forward to Longleaf 2022, which began BEFORE Longleaf 2021 occurred. Sally finds many connections between her “other work” for our home base (the Museum of History) and Longleaf because “everything has history!” That other work includes writing and producing videos for the museum website and its YouTube channel, reaching students through live-streaming classes, and, oh, you know, making history cool. Sally is a native North Carolinian, and attended that “light-blue” school . . .

Jerry Taylor

LFF team member Jerry TaylorJerry is a co-organizer of the festival and is multimedia producer for the museum. He is the Clark Griswold of distance learning, the Hans Gruber of filmmaking, and the Egon Spengler of interactive programming. His brain is the Necronomicon of film, pulled from the tomb while misreciting the wise man’s words.

Stephen Evans

LFF team member Stephen EvansStephen served as an editor for publications and exhibits at the Museum of History (off and on) from 1992 to 2021, editing exhibit labels, online text, and other materials, as well as information related to the Longleaf Film Festival. After hours, he runs a freelance editorial services business, where he actually enjoys analyzing the occasional script for continuity and logic.

Mark John N. Cortez

Mark John has a degree in marketing management from Informatics College, Philippines, having graduated with flying colors, along with 10 years of experience as a marketing coordinator in retail sales. A recent arrival to North Carolina and the Triangle, he believes in hard work and ran across Longleaf while serving a museum internship to hone his online marketing skills by creating e-newsletters, designing postcards and e-flyers, and developing websites and Facebook business pages. He is a film enthusiast, television programs and movies, and has become a big fan of classic movies—one of his favorites being The Wizard of Oz, though he understands why it didn’t run away with all the Oscars for 1940.

Chelsea Weger

Chelsea received her BS in public history from East Carolina University in 2015 and hit the ground running! As outreach coordinator at the Museum of History, she manages one of the museum’s largest outreach efforts—its History-In-a-Box program, which serves more than 60,000 students annually. Chelsea enjoys binge-watching Netflix series, dominating in fantasy football, cheering on her alma mater (go, Pirates!), and making as many pop-culture references as humanly possible

Alyson Vuley

Alyson Vuley joined Longleaf Film Festival in 2021 Alyson joined Longleaf Film Festival in 2021 when she became the museum's festival coordinator for its American Indian Heritage Celebration and African American Cultural Celebration. Just in from Atlanta, Alyson has enjoyed exploring North Carolina—by car, kayak, and horseback! In her other available time, she also enjoys exploring the Tar Heel State one independent film at a time!

Joel Rhodes

Joel Rhodes is an integral member of the tech team for Longleaf Film FestivalA native of Raleigh, Joel has been with the Museum of History as audiovisual and lighting specialist since 2002. Be it live events, live-stream programming, audio and video production, exhibit installation, or anything else tech related, Joel is on the job—and an integral member of the tech team for Longleaf. In his spare time, he enjoys playing trumpet, listening to live music, sailing along the coast, gardening, and, of course, watching movies! Of all the events he works each year, Joel says, “the film festival is one of my favorite annual events: Watching great independent films while at work? YES, PLEASE!”