We Are BACK!

Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History.


You missed me—you really missed me!

Believe it or not, Longleaf 2018 ended two months ago, and here in the land of pines and films, we decided to go on a low–social media diet, a cleanse.  Oh, we had some sporadic posts—and a few images from a trip to Texas—but, mostly, we were in post-festival recovery mode/pre-festival launch and planning mode.  Now, however, . . .

WE’RE BACK!  Longleaf 2019 opens for submissions today!  And, we’re looking forward to receiving your entries—animated films, music videos, narrative and documentary features and shorts, along with your History+ movies, and those amazing middle- and high-school student works—all via FilmFreeway.

A film festival at a history museum . . .  We still get questions about that—sometimes from within the building.  But, since folks have been making films in North Carolina since at least 1912, we see them as a historic art and craft.  And, as films entertain, educate, and advocate, we also see them as part of the human experience.  Film festival, meet history museum.  Perfect, right?

Mark your calendars now for Longleaf 2019: May 10 and 11, here at our home base, the North Carolina Museum of History.  We will remain free-to-attend, with workshops, panels, Movies-N-Moonlight, popcorn, and more fun stuff heading your way.

Join the conversation with us, as a filmmaker or film fan—we want to hear from you, and see what you’re experiencing.  We are on Facebook and Instagram (@LongleafFilmFestival) and on Twitter (@LongleafFF).

The salad days are behind us.


Longleaf 2019
May 10–11 at the North Carolina Museum of History.
Film, Fun, and Community.

Rolling submission dates have started!