“Special” Events

Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History.


One of the cool things about running a film festival is collaborating to get things done. If you’re a filmmaker (and even if you’re not) you know exactly what I mean. Collaboration means we can expand what we offer to filmmakers and film fans while also meeting terrific creatives in our community.

Two upcoming special Longleaf events speak to this collaborative effort.


Super Mario Bros.

On Friday, September 14, Longleaf, filmSPARK, and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Raleigh, will collaborate to present a free screening of the made-in-NC classic  Super Mario Bros.  (1993)—at our home base, the North Carolina Museum of History. “Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive,” will be present, as well. How’s  that  for a collaborative and special evening ?

Of course, real collaboration comes from the people who make up these entities, like Kristy Brenneman (Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Raleigh, and filmSPARK), Skip Elsheimer (AV Geeks and Video Vortex), and Ryan Hoss (SMB super fan and archivist). To extend the fun of that evening, we’ll also have some fine folks and fine brews from Double Barley Brewing.


Half the Picture

Another example of using teamwork to create a cool special event is the free screening of  Half the Picture  (2018) that Longleaf is hosting along with the Museum of History’s friends group on Friday, October 5.

Again, these groups are represented by individuals who collaborate to make stuff happen. Kara Meyer, of the friends group, brought the film to my attention, then helped make the screening happen. The film’s director, Amy Adrion, was quick and gracious in her response to our queries about her amazing film. Best of all, some wonderful and gracious colleagues—Kelly Creedon, Lana Garland, Nicolle Jones, and Camden Watts—will be here to share their experiences as Tar Heel women filmmakers after the screening in a panel discussion with Beth Yerxa. Other details about this special evening—including a brewer in the house—will come out as they develop.

Collaboration. Teamwork. Partnership. Alliance. Without such efforts, I would get nothing done!

Get more details on these special events at our website, LongleafFilmFestival.com, and register for your free tickets NOW.

Then, let me know how you want to collaborate with Longleaf. We’re listening!

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