The Meaning of Time

Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History.

’Tis the season . . . of hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot lists: lists of top films, top toys, top memes—and top lists of lists. I am a believer in MAKING lists. In fact, I’ve been known to intentionally add something I’ve already completed back on to a list just so I can cross it off.  Silly?  Maybe, but it’s better than controlled substances . . .

My Longleaf Film Festival Lists

Longleaf 2018 is May 11 and 12, a mere 143 days from my writing these words. That’s 12,405,600 seconds, 206,760 minutes, 3,446 hours—all to say, in the world of festival timelines and checklists, that’s . . . T o m o r r o w!  Still to do; what to do. . . . Well let’s start with the positive, what I’ve crossed off . . .

    What we’ve completed so far:

  • update graphics for festival
  • update rules and submission categories
  • launch the festival (July 1)
  • host an evening of NC silent films
  • recruit AMAZING judges
  • host partner events at our home base
  • plan some new twists for festival weekend


    What’s left to do:

  • arrange workshops and panels
  • secure a Wrap Party space and sponsor
  • search for an artist to make awards
  • continue to seek sponsors
  • close submissions and send films to judges
  • announce Official Selections
  • plan the filmmakers’ reception
  • gather digital versions of films
  • create print and online materials for festival
  • make playlists for each viewing room
  • logistics
  • more logistics
  • still more logistics

And all the things I’ve forgotten!

There; I do feel better now. List making is therapeutic. Crossing things off is more so.
I do have one other list—the ongoing, permanent list that has become super easy because it’s like breathing:

    The “Always List”:

  • watch terrific film
  • support filmmakers
  • introduce independent film to folks
  • preach connections between history and filmmaking
  • collaborate
  • express gratitude


Whatever your organizational (coping) device, I wish you terrific success in projects big and small. Happy list-crossing-off season to you and yours!


Longleaf 2018
May 11–12 at the North Carolina Museum of History.
Film, Fun, and Community.

Rolling submission dates have started!