Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History.


How often does this happen to you? You have IMPORTANT WORK that needs to be done for your film. project. festival. And you even want to do the IMPORTANT WORK for your film. project. festival.

But each day, interference arrives in e-mails calling for a quick response; meetings you “must” attend; administrative tasks that chew up time and energy.

And you wait—not wanting to start this IMPORTANT WORK for the film. project. festival. until you have time: after responding to the messages; after the meeting; after lunch; before the next meeting; when the coffee is hot, again. Another day passes in which you’ve been busy, but you haven’t accomplished that IMPORTANT WORK you actually want to do for your film. project. festival.


Decide! and Move On

Welcome to my world. You all know that I LOVE Longleaf and all it entails (well, mostly; see The Second Scariest Part of hosting a film festival). In addition to the above-listed excuses, what’s also holding me back from this IMPORTANT WORK is a sort of sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that my next decision will be wrong; that with every choice I make, I might close off better avenues.

Yet, deep down, I know (and frequently tell my four kids): “no decision IS a decision”—and those indecisions usually do not lead to good results. Hence, my announcement that I am starting this IMPORTANT WORK, even if it has. to be. done. in increments. with cold coffee. before and after lunch—moving forward to do my best, supported by yet another terrific festival team, to make Longleaf 2018 a great experience.

First decision today? To share these thoughts.

Now onward: to that IMPORTANT WORK!

[Easy decision: Beef Ain’t BBQ]



Longleaf 2018
May 11–12 at the North Carolina Museum of History.
Film, Fun, and Community.

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