“This is the song that does not end”

Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History.


This is the post I very much fear
And it comes ’round and ’round each year
Trying to host a free film fest
And still pay the bills
Means we need your support right now
or this could be the end, yes

Longleaf IS free to attend. That means no cost to attend and watch dozens of films. No pennies for popcorn. Not a cent to participate with thoughtful and engaging panelists. But Longleaf is not free to administer. As just one program of a nonprofit state government entity, we have very limited funds. Yet, we have very ambitious goals that strive to bring together filmmakers and film fans in a welcoming environment that creates community.  Please consider donating to Longleaf Film Festival—individually (or use the PayPal button in the sidebar), or as a company or group.  We have sponsorships starting at $100; visit LongleafFilmFestival.com for information.

See you soon, at Longleaf!


Longleaf 2019
May 10–11 at the North Carolina Museum of History.
Film, Fun, and Community.

Films and Popcorn! Networking opportunities! Awards and receptions! And, our second annual outdoor screening: Movies-N-Moonlight